What You Need To Know About Wellingtons From Shark Tank

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It was bound to happen. “Shark Tank” has featured everything from “healthy” cookie dough to pizza cupcakes, so it doesn’t seem at all beyond the pale for an upstart company that makes Wellingtons — a riff on the classic English dish known as beef Wellington — to be featured on the show. Wellingtons isn’t the first company to offer a mail-order version of this dish, as Omaha Steaks and Williams-Sonoma will ship their versions to your door. What sets Wellingtons apart is that it offers multiple versions of the dish. In addition to the traditional beef Wellington, which is generally made from a whole or sliced beef tenderloin that’s coated, wrapped in cured ham and puff pastry, and then baked, the company makes new takes like breakfast an

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Wellingtons was founded in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic by Arya Alexander and Anastasia Geroulis, who found themselves searching for interesting foods they could make to break up the quarantine tedium. Though they began with a classic beef Wellington, they quickly branched out to more innovative combinations they would prepare on what they called “Wellington Wednesdays.” After testing out their creations on family and friends, the couple launched their brand. Today, Wellingtons’ products are produced in a commercial kitchen in L.A. and available through myriad national and local shipping services.

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