Let there be the smell of flowers in the fresh air. FirstThe chirping of birds in the ray. wheneverYou open your eyes. in those momentsBe a glimpse of happiness.

Neither the height is big nor the reading is big,Big is the one who is there for each other in troublealways stands.

He also fills empty armsEvery wish also gets fulfilled.

When "Kanha" comes when it comes to giving,The written also changes the fate.

Make you half where you arelove all where you gomiss you all don't where you gonna reachthere everyone wait for you

they want great relationshipsplay deepWonderful pearls sometimes on the edgesDon't meet!

We woke up your eyes..We did the morning dutyDon't think that

we bothered like thisFirst of all you get up….we just remembered

God bless you always keep you healthyKeep cool and keep away from all sorrowsI pray to god

उदास हूँ पर तुझसे naraj nahi huye
Tere dil me huye par tere pass nahi
झूठ कहूं तो सब कुछ है मेरे पास,
और सच कहूं तो तेरे सिवा कुछ नहीं है खास,

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